Our Services

Upsize Marketing Strategies offer customized economic development marketing, communications, branding, and workforce marketing solutions. We can scale our services to your budget. 

Economic Development Marketing

Communities need an economic development program to grow their economies. UMS can help communities develop a structured economic development program that includes:

  • Business attraction

  • Product & site development

  • Marketing initiatives 

  • Business retention and expansion strategies


Strategic Planning

Growing your organization or community's economy requires long term strategic planning. Our strategic planning process is interactive and collaborative, focused on your community's or organization's needs, goals and preferences. 

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Marketing & Action Plans

A marketing or action plan is the vehicle by which your company or community can achieve the goals laid out by a strategic plan. UMS facilitates action planning with your team to implement a marketing or strategic plan.  Our marketing plans and turn-key services include:

  • Free earned media tactics

  • Social and digital media

  • Content and video marketing

  • Public relations and branding

  • Economic development websites


Workforce Marketing and Talent Recruitment

Companies and communities require a skilled workforce to sustain their growth. Through a focused workforce development plan which includes creative place-making, place branding, and partnership-building with workforce partners, Upsize can help your company and community build a sustainable talent pipeline. 

Business Location Strategy

Understanding your business location needs requires a strategic focus and a comprehensive site selection process.  We help our clients find the optimal locations to grow their operations. 

  • Incentive Advice

  • Location Search 

  • Analysis of Business Needs

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Let's Work Together

UMS President and founder, Christine Wong Rambo, MBA is a Certified Economic Developer as designated by International Economic Development Council (IEDC).  Her award-winning marketing work earned an IEDC Excellence in Economic Development for video/multimedia campaigns.


Contact us, by emailing Christine at crambo@upsizems.com or calling 318.557.0690.