In 2015, Lumen, formerly CenturyLink, the second largest IT company in the U.S., underwent a period of rapid expansion at its corporate headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana. The Fortune 150 company was recruiting for 800 high tech positions from around the world. These knowledge workers are highly sought-after, and Lumen’s recruitment efforts were hampered by the negative perceptions of living in a small southern town. 


Lumen tasked Christine Rambo with developing and executing a place branding campaign to market a four county region around Monroe, Louisiana to a Millennial technology workforce. The place branding program would have a secondary benefit of improving pride in place. Rambo built a coalition of public and private partners to support the initiative.  A new brand was developed for Northeast Louisiana: “Find Your Opportunity.”  The branding program included PSAs, social media promotion, mobile conquesting, google ads, video marketing and a digital ambassador program.


The Northeast Louisiana Branding program was highly successful. Over a six month promotional campaign, the Northeast Louisiana brand was seen 1.5 million times and generated nearly 8,000 clicks and an average click-through rate of 20 percent across different social media platforms. Nearly 100 digital ambassadors signed up to share the good news about their communities on their social media. (Watch the four branding videos developed for communities in Northeast Louisiana below)